The Business Model

Cleanfield Energy, Inc. works with communities, investors, and fleet operators to develop coordinated, effective, low-cost approaches to the development of alternative energy infrastructure and vehicle conversions. Each project demands a different model and a different structure. Cleanfield works from models designed for projects initiated by communities, investors and/or fleet operators, small, medium, or large, and adjusts these generic models to suit the individual needs of each unique project.

CEI's commitment is to assist each of these entities in working with others pursuing the same goal or compatible goals, and to assist them in maximizing the benefits available from the extensive support that government is providing to alternative energy development. The specific interest of a community, an investor, or a public or private fleet operator might be different, but we believe that these interests are compatible and support each other, and that projects are most successful when all of these interests are simultaneously served. Clean, affordable, domestically available energy is and should be a win for all concerned, and our company is devoted to assuring that it is.

If you see clean energy in your future, contact Cleanfield today. We'll help you turn that vision into reality.