For Communities

Abandoned service stations, leaking underground storage tanks, and other brownfield sites are posing significant health and safety issues for communities across America, small and large. Those same communities are often struggling with air quality and traffic noise issues, and in many cases fighting to pay the escalating fuel bills for operating sanitation trucks, transit buses, school buses, and other fleet vehicles. Air quality is increasingly a leading priority in the political arenas, with voters demanding improvement, but OFTEN unwilling or unable to pay the costs to achieve it.

Converting vehicle fleets to CNG and rebuilding brownfield sites into CNG fueling stations presents one of the rare multiple win scenarios in community planning. Fuel cost savings from converting fleet vehicles to CNG can often pay back conversion costs in a year or less. Conversion of extensive diesel fleets to CNG provides immediately noticeable improvements in noise and air quality, issues of concern to many voters. Development of local CNG infrastructure creates jobs, provides visible evidence of support for national energy security agendas, and creates an incentive for local residents and businesses to adopt CNG as their fuel of choice.

We are passionate about helping communities by providing local employment and an overall richer and healthier America. Sustainable development is easily defined as 'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.' In partnering with both public and private stake holders, who are also committed to a better quality of life, we are working together, in pursuit of cleaner cities, greater prosperity and improved National Security.

Cleanfield Energy, Inc. is committed to changing America's dependence on foreign oil, one community at a time. Its the right time to do the right thing!