For Investors

Quality business opportunities are hard to find, especially during a persistent economic slowdown. Alternative energy vehicles are clearly the wave of the future, and they are going to need fueling infrastructure. Providing that infrastructure is one of the great growth opportunities on offer today, equivalent to going into gasoline filling stations in 1908, the year Henry Ford introduced the Model T.

Filling stations providing service to vehicles using natural gas, electicity, and E85 ethanol blends are environment-friendly and politically acceptable. They support American industry and energy independence and provide American jobs. They provide consumers with an affordable energy option. That combination is hard to beat, and getting in on the ground floor of an industry with those advantages is a hard opportunity to pass up. Best of all, the Government is so eager to draw investors into this business that its incentives, particularly for projects involving brownfield conversion, will cover practically the entire capital cost, an d provide subsidies while the enterprise becomes profitable!

This map shows where current infrastructure is installed:

Areas along the periphery of currently installed infrastructure or along corridors linking current installation hotspots are obvious and immediate candidates for development. If you're interested in developing a single filling station or a chain of clean filling installations, contact Cleanfield Energy Inc today. We'll help you find the right location, take advantage of the available incentive packages, build your installation, and run it profitably.

Investment in new business is about the future, and clean vehicles are the American future.