The U.S. transport sector uses over 14 million barrels of oil a day… more than the total consumption of
any other country on earth. Most of it is imported. All of it carries high economic and environmental costs.

Compressed Natural Gas is the vehicle fuel of the future. It's clean, it's affordable, and the U.S. has
enough domestic reserves to power decades of use. Natural Gas vehicles save consumers money,
protect the environment, and create American jobs...

The only thing restraining the adoption of CNG as a vehicle fuel is a lack of fueling stations

Cleanfield Energy, Inc. is focused on developing a network of CNG fueling stations in key areas where
the market is already sustainable. Our primary focus is on the conversion of designated brownfield
sites to CNG fueling stations. This business model has unique advantages for both investors and
communities. Investors have the opportunity to develop a locally oriented, environmentally
sensitive business in an industry that's already making money and that has almost unlimited
potential. Communities can seize the opportunity to convert environmental and economic
liabilities into valuable assets, while promoting clean energy and local and national
employment. Both can take advantage of a huge array of Federal and State incentives
designed to promote the transition from expensive, polluting, imported gasoline and
diesel to clean, affordable, locally available CNG.

With 98% of natural gas produced in North America,
increasing use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) reduces
our foreign oil consumption, and enhances our nation's
energy security.

It's Cheaper than Gas or Diesel, which means reduced
fuel costs for NGV operators.

Converting Lightduty Vehicles to Natural Gas

This document answers questions about converting
light-duty vehicles to run on natural gas. This includes
questions and answers about: conversion system
availability; installation, service and warranty
issues; costs; and available tax credits.