For Vehicle Fleet Operators

Alternative Clean Fuel Solution for Public and Private Fleets

Operators of vehicle fleets, particularly heavy vehicle fleets, are uniquely placed to exploit the advantages of Compressed Natural Gas. Of all available clean fuels, CNG is best suited to heavy vehicle operations, as it provides power comparable to that given by diesel with a tiny fraction of the environmental impact. Vehicles such as municipal or school buses, sanitation trucks, or private vehicles engaged in mining, forestry, or other heavy hauling applications frequently operate on fixed routes that can easily be serviced by a relatively small number of fueling points. Opening these fueling points to public vehicles can provide an additional revenue stream.

The most obvious advantage of a CNG conversion for a heavy vehicle fleet is simply cost. CNG is the cheapest practical vehicle fuel currently on the market, as demonstrated by the chart below. Because Amerian CNG supplies are sourced primarily in the United States, prices are less volatile: oil imported from politically unstable countries may spike in price with the daily news, while locally produced gas prices stay stable.

The cost effectiveness of CNG is multiplied by an extensive array of Federal, State, and local incentives for CNG conversion, which can dramatically reduce the initial cost and the cost recovery time. The combination of low price, environmental compliance (converting one diesel-powered sanitation truck to CNG is equivalent in environmental impact to removing over 300 cars from the road), public acceptability, and extensive incentives makes CNG conversion an obvious choice for public and private fleet operators. Clean-burning CNG ensures compliance with environmental regulations and dramatically increases the political acceptability of extensive heavy vehicle operations in populated areas.

As of early July 2011, diesel fuel was running at roughly $3.85/gallon, with CNG cost at $1.93 per gallon equivalent. While prices vary from day to day, at this rate the annual saving from operating a CNG sanitation truck instead of a diesel sanitation truck would be $16,512. For a transit bus the difference would be $20,736, an overwhelming price advantage.

Cleanfield Energy, Inc. provides a full range of services to vehicle fleet owners, from conversion to CNG to provision of fueling points and coordination with government agencies for maximum official support.